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We Just Love You

by Matelyn Alicia

Released 2019
Released 2019
It seems like ages since Matelyn first thought about recording a project, but this experience is definitely worth the wait! The project was recorded during a live worship experience and listeners will feel as if they were right there as they worship!
Matelyn Alicia, born Matelyn Alicia Johnson, is an Akron, Ohio native. It was there that she would discover her gift of song, and so would those around her. Singing in churches across the city, she gained recognition and began receiving invitations to travel state and nation wide. Moving to North Carolina in 2001, she began operating on a deeper level of music ministry serving as Minister of Music and Worship Leader for several churches. In 2007 she decided to broaden her horizon by auditioning for a theatrical production entitled, "Mahalia: Queen of Gospel". She was cast as 1920's blues singer Bessie Smith, and unbeknownst to her, a performance on the main stage of the National Black Theater Festival would launch her professional acting career. She worked for nearly 10 years with the NC Black Repertory Company which included several more mainstage appearances in the National Black Theater Festivals. She has worked with multiple theater companies including the West Coast Black Theater Troupe, during the world premiere of "Jazz Hot Mamas".

In 2016 she did her first international tour with the NY based "Glory Gospel Singers". Her last tour with the company would be a tour of France and London. Aside from ministry in music Matelyn is a mother of 3 wonderful human beings, mentor, sister, friend, entrepreneur, and college student – in short, she is what King Lemuel's mother would call, A Virtuous Woman!

As if all of that wasn't enough, God has opened the door to the next level - the LIVE recording project, "God's Butterfly LIVE! A Freedom Experience" set to release in March of 2019. This was a night that truly expressed the heart of this lover of God as well as set the tone for what the rest of Matelyn's ministry will look like - more than a worship experience, but a FREEDOM experience!!

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